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Ladies’ Training CD: Where Butlers Teach You Table Manners

April 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Lately, I’ve been stumbling upon the weirdest yet most amusing talk CDs. You might remember me talking about sheep-counting and diet CDs and you, just like me, might’ve wished that there were more surprises like them. Well, look no further. A few days ago, I got my hands on Shukujou Training CD ~Shitsuji ga Oshieru Seiyouryouri manner~ (淑女養成CD ~執事が教える西洋料理のマナー~).  I read it in English as “Training for Ladies ~Butlers’ Guide to Manners when Eating Western Food~”.

This Ladies’ Training CD is released by TEAM Entertainment for female listeners who have dreamt of becoming an aristocratic lady at one point in their lives. This CD, hosted by butlers, aims to help these ‘ojousama’ become the refined lady that they always wanted to be. These butlers, in six tracks, give tips and advice on how to behave during a Western-style party or dinner, from the moment of stepping off the car to the end of dinner. With the help of your loyal Stuart and Robert, you, my lady, will easily achieve those flawless table manners which will help you gain good impression as you expose yourself to high society XD;.

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Slim Naru SUPER DIET CD — Where Seiyuu Helps You Lose Weight

March 12, 2009 6 comments

I’ve mentioned in my Pankore CD review other odd talk/seiyuu CDs that Japan comes up with. One of these is the SUPER DIET CD produced by Honeybee, the same company that brought us Hitsuji de Oyasumi Series, also known as the sheep-counting CDs.

Slim Naru is a talk CD featuring the voices of Miyano Mamoru and Nakamura Yuuichi. This is, basically, a CD that will help girls who are trying to lose weight or are in the middle of dieting. It doesn’t only encourage the listener (YOU) to lose weight to ‘look better’ using the deeply seductive (and tsundere) voices of Mamo-chan and Nakamura, it also helps the listener with daily exercises with both seiyuu counting your stretches, push-ups and sit-ups for you.

In this CD, Miyano and Nakamura are both responsible persons who are concerned with your health. Mamo-chan is the gentle, kind guy who wants to help you become pretty while Nakamura is the tsundere guy who is a little snobbish but is willing to help you because he feels happy when you try your best (FIGHT-O!). In order to fully explain the wonderful dynamics of this CD as well as to help listeners utilize the CD as intended, I have to enumerate the tracks and what activity should be done in each.

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