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Shin Tennis no Oujisama: First Chapter Released!

March 3, 2009 73 comments

As announced last December 2008, a sequel to the Prince of Tennis manga has started in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine this March 04, 2009. Lucky people who got the magazine earlier than those who will hit the stores tomorrow have shared previews of the long first chapter (a whopping 59 pages including the ads). Three colored ads with a shot of the little Hyoutei boys (flashback) with the announcement that it will be an OVA soon, ten colored pages into the chapter and the rest a peek at some players from Seigaku and other schools, this chapter is a promising win for me. From here on, I’ll try my best to share my thoughts, or shall I say spazz, about the new chapter. Please note that I don’t understand a thread of the dialogue, since they’re in Chinese o.o.

The next part will contain spoilers for the previous series, too.

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