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Samurai Gattai DX Shinken-Ou preview

the very large and rather heavy box

the very large and rather heavy box

I’ve just bought my very own Samurai Gattai DX Shinken-Ou at Great Toys in Greenhills today. It’s a whopping Php 3800, way above my expected amount (I just wanted to buy the Ryuu Origami! But it wasn’t available).  But I think it’s worth the price despite the bad reviews. That might just be because I haven’t had a Super Sentai model before, though.

the side of the box. i just had to include the people, right? :D

the side of the box. i just had to include the people, right? :D

Each origami has three modes: kanji, animal and Shinken-Ou part. Each origami is easy to transform and attach, although of course, the kanjis aren’t as perfect as the ones in the series. I’ve taken pictures of all the modes as well as the formed Shinken-Ou, so under the cut, it’s going to be a hell of pictures.

shinkenpinks origami in kanji form (earth)

shinkenpink's origami: kanji form (heaven)

shinkenpinks origami in beast form (turtle)

shinkenpink's origami: beast form (turtle)

shinkenpinks origami in shinkenou form (right arm)

shinkenpink's origami: shinkenou form (right arm)

The Kame Origami (Pink) is the easiest to assemble, since the feet just need to be folded out to make the turtle and fold in for the kanji. It still looks like a can of tuna to me. :D

shinkengreens origami: kanji form (wood)

shinkengreen's origami: kanji form (wood)

shinkengreens origami: beast form (bear)

shinkengreen's origami: beast form (bear)

I had somehow forgotten to take a picture of Kuma Origami’s (Green) Shinkenou form. This part is a little tricky because of the feet (I can’t find it at first orz). This origami’s Shinkenou form is very much like the kanji form. You just slide one half of the square downwards until it kind of looks like a leg (kinda needs imagination).

shinkenblues origami: kanji form (water)

shinkenblue's origami: kanji form (water)

shinkenblues origami: beast form (dragon)

shinkenblue's origami: beast form (dragon)

shinkenblues origami: shinkenou form (left leg)

shinkenblue's origami: shinkenou form (left leg)

The Ryuu Origami (Blue) is probably the coolest origami in this group *A*. The dragon is also the largest among the beast modes. The transformation isn’t that all complicated, you just need to “unfold” the kanji until it becomes dragon-like.

shinkenyellows origami: kanji form (earth)

shinkenyellow's origami: kanji form (earth)

shinkenyellows origami: beast form (monkey)

shinkenyellow's origami: beast form (monkey)

shinkenyellows origami: shinkenou form (left arm)

shinkenyellow's origami: shinkenou form (left arm)

The Saru Origami (Yellow) is the most boring part of the Shinken-Ou, to be honest. The monkey is small and I cannot move its arms to my liking (I can’t make it stand properly). It took me some time to form the phases because for some reason, it’s more complicated than the others. It’s complicated but the results aren’t much to be glad about. It’s still cute, though.

shinkenreds origami: kanji form (fire)

shinkenred's origami: kanji form (fire)

shinkenreds origami: beast form (lion)

shinkenred's origami: beast form (lion)

shinkenreds origami: shinkenou form (torso + head)

shinkenred's origami: shinkenou form (torso + head)

The Shishi Origami (Red) doesn’t look like a lion in it’s beast form and it bothers me a little. The transformation to each phase is a bit hard, but the torso and head looks great. The waist joint is a little tight, though, so it might seem that the central part is immovable, but you actually need to push it hard so it’ll come to place. The head’s shogun headdress, btw, is from the Ryuu Origami.

shinkenou front  view

shinkenou front view

shinkenou rear view

shinkenou rear view

shinkenou side view (right)

shinkenou side view (right)

shinkenou side view (left)

shinkenou side view (left)

The Shinken-Ou looks like a midget because of the legs. They’re fat and not jointed to show knees. The hands are also not there. Instead, we get stubs with holes for the sword ^^;. The parts seem a bit off, especially to obsessive-compulsive me, but somehow, it looks alright when you stare at it for some time. The feet need work, though. The dragon and bear’s heads keep bending away and toppling the robot over if they’re not properly turned to act as feet.

shinkenou with hidden shield

shinkenou with hidden shield

shinkenou with hidden shield and daishinken

shinkenou with hidden shield and daishinken

Along with the Shinken-Ou comes the Daishinken (sword) and the Hidden disk which can be used as the Hidden Shield. The sword can be held or lodged at the waist. The shield can be lodged on the side of an arm or lodged at the back. The shield can also fit the other hidden disks released (in Gashapons?).

All in all, the model looks amazing. The colors (and the paintwork) is great and there’s even gold lining, all the parts are easily movable (except for the waist joint thing) and it’s easy to assemble. It’s a little heavy, but steadfast once you get to balance the two feet. The poses are very limited compared to the gunpla I’m used to, but that’s okay. The sword is a little less than cool and probably needs more shine. The shield is okay, and the possibility of using other hidden disks in other Shinkenger products is way cool.

Beauty and coolness aside, though, this baby is still too damn expensive D;.

  1. Duckhams
    August 18, 2009 at 4:23 am

    I feel like wanting that toy too ^^

    And you’re right, Shinken-Oh looks short co’z it doesn’t have forelegs compared to the series’ robot suit; it has a silver forelegs ^^. The show isn’t using a “foldable” origami as their props, they use a solid one instead so you won’t see the cleaves, hinges and bolts.

    BTW, It would be cool to have that Shodo-Phone or Sushi-Changer ^^

    On another note, Shinkenger made an appearance/crossover with Kamen Rider Decade. I’m not that of a fan of the rider series but I’ve watched it co’z of the Shinkenger crossover. They appeared on episodes 24 & 25 of Decade. It was pretty cool, the effects were better than the Shinkenger series.

  2. August 18, 2009 at 8:47 am

    It’s a really cool model, in my opinion. I always fight the urge to take apart the Shinken-Ou and fold the origami to their forms ^^;.

    Ah, so that’s why. Of course the one in the series has no bumps and screws around the origami, but I guess they can only do this much with the model :P. I think they did a pretty good job, though.

    Is a shodo-phone or sushi-changer out already? I want a shodo-phone, too. I’m not that used to Shinken Gold and his accessories yet, but he’s growing on me. Damn, I forgot there’s the gashapon keychains of the characters in henshin and normal form, too :(. M

    I have watched the Decade/Shinkenger episodes! It made me want to actually watch Kamen Rider (I don’t watch any of the KR series ^^) because I don’t know anything about Decade aside from the fact that he is pink. I’m waiting for the Shinkenger movie to be out, hopefully it’ll be soon :).

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