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At last! The Skip Beat Anime Trailer

September 27, 2008 1 comment

The elusive trailer of the anime Skip Beat has finally appeared, a week before it airs ^^;. However, this is the Taiwanese release version of the PV (hence the subs). WTF Japan? Why won’t you give us a trailer?

Nikki says:

Hm, I cannot say anything against the character designs. Of course, the manga as the original work, will always be better, but I appreciate that the character designs are made as close to the manga ones as possible. Wait, I can’t say that since I haven’t even seen Ren moving yet xD;. Anyway, so far, the art doesn’t disappoint me. I just hope it’s not full of no-face people like in Vampire Knight XD;.

Inoue Marina is doing a great job as Kyoko XD;. Her voice seems versatile, which is important in voicing Kyoko (very, very important). Mamo-chan has my trust. I know he can do Shou justice and crack. Konishi, though, still has my doubts. I’ve been brainwashed to think Morikawa Toshiyuki = Ren, so until I hear the real thing, I will not talk about Ren XD;.



Fall 2008 Anime Lineup

September 25, 2008 1 comment

Fall is my favorite season for new anime. It’s usually the time when many great series are released or when awaited sequels are finally shown. Thirty-seven anime are showing this fall, excluding released OVAs. Let’s see if this season can keep up to last fall’s wonderful releases. I won’t be watching all of them, though, so I’ll divide my watching verdicts to: YES, MAYBE and NO.

* Please note that I am not much into shoujo/shounen/seinen manga and if there are manga counterparts of these series, I most probably haven’t read them unless I specify. That means I have no idea about most of the new anime. V. clouded judgment? LOL XD.

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