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[CD] Pankore/Pun-Colle: Female Seiyuu Punk Songs Renditions

I have just recently gotten a copy of パンコレ -voice actresses’ legendary punk songs collection-. This is an album composed of six female seiyuu covering songs by punk rock bands. The seiyuu singers are Momoi Halko (Minazuki Chika/Ai Yori Aoshi, Maromi/Paranoia Agent, Maya/Ragnarok the animation), Ikezawa Haruna (Shimazu Yoshino/Maria-sama ga Miteru, Caimie/One Piece, Noriko/Gravitation), Shimizu Kaori (Tamura Hiyori/Lucky Star, Nijou Noriko/MariMite, Aneesha/Heroic Age), Kadowaki Mai (Shokatsuryou Koumei/Ikkitousen, Mimi Usa/Kodomo no Jikan, Hakase Satomi/Negima!), Goto Yuuko (Anya Alstreim/Code Geass, Hanazono Hikari/S.A., Kobushi Abiru/Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei), and Tanaka Rie (Bianchi/Katekyou Hitman Reborn!, Chii/Chobits, Lacus Clyne/Gundam Seed).

Even though they said ‘punk’ in the title, I’m more inclined to think ‘pink’. While listening to the album, I was both amused and mortified at the renditions, wondering if this album was really a great idea. But then again, I’ve seen worse like diet CDs and sheep-counting, so I just dutifully enjoyed the album and tried to give all the songs a chance.

Here is my track-by-track review of the album.

Track 1. Sex and Violence (Momoi Haruko)

originally by: The Exploited

nikki says: This is a very disturbing song. I listened to the original before listening to the Momoi-version, but I’m more disturbed with the Momoi-version! It’s not every day that you get a neko-voiced loli singing “Sex~ and violence~” all over with cutesy meows and loli backup vocals. Momoi even goes, “Tanoshii ne~” as if the song is a wonderfully cute melody. Hm. Think Lucky Star OP crossed with Sex and Violence, it’s on that level ^^;.

Track 2. Basket Case (Ikezawa Haruna)

originally by: Green Day

nikki says: This is one of my favorite Green Day songs so I was pretty excited to hear this. How do I put it, Haruna’s voice reminds me of Pita Ten OP which surprisingly works in the Green Day song o.o. It’s still rockish, but with the very small kiddy voice singing. Haruna’s English is also good and maybe, it made the song less cracky than it should be. I like it, surprisingly.

Track 3. White Riot (Shimizu Kaori)

originally by: The Clash

nikki says: This song also retained most of the original instrumentation and melody. Kaori also sang in a lower voice compared to the first two and somehow, I had a mind!image of Suzumiya Haruhi!band, with much better vocals. The English wasn’t that clear, though, but then again it’s not like the English in the original was very clear :P.

Track 4. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (Kadowaki Mai)

originally by: The Offspring

nikki says: Another very small voice, it’s like a kid with very bad English is trying to imitate The Offspring ^^;. The melody was slightly changed with a little techno feel, probably to fit the singer’s schoolgirl voice. The “Give it to me baby~” line was very disturbing.

Track 5. Anarchy in the UK (Tanaka Rie)

originally by: Sex Pistols

nikki says: I love the original rendition and I love Rie’s rendition very much, too! Instead of her Lacus voice, she used her Bianchi voice, deep and sexy, and it worked! Her English is also great. The downside,though, is that it’s very slow and a bit dragging at the middle. A little more speed or the original tempo would’ve been better.

Track 6. London’s Burning (Goto Yuko)

originally by: The Clash

nikki says: Another loli-cum-neko voice. The original melody was replaced with a more poppish beat but still with the guitars. Somehow, I got the feeling that I’m listening to Yuko singing London Bridge instead of London’s Burning ^^;.

Track 7. Call Me (Momoi Haruko)

originally by: Blondie

nikki says: I love this song and I am so glad Haruko decided to use a normal voice here. Minus the uber small and cutesy voice, this song is so much better. I cringe a little at the voice curls she does at odd ends of lines but I still like this song. Her voice was not even strained at high notes. I wish she would’ve done Sex and Violence with the same voice.

Track 8. God Save the Queen (Ikezawa Haruna)

originally by: Sex Pistols

nikki says: We’re back to small loli voices, LOL. The melody and tempo were preserved, just with the small voice doing all the slight-screaming and “God Save the Queee~n” (yes, the curl at the end is a staple :P). It wasn’t so bad, but it would’ve been better if the main vocals wasn’t childish so it’d match the great guitar melodies. At the middle it would seem that the voice was being overshadowed by the loud guitars.

Track 9. Blitzkrieg Bop (Shimizu Kaori)

originally by: The Ramones

nikki says: Blitzkrieg Bop became something like a magical girl theme o.o. It’s a little slower than the original but they kept even the “Hey ho!” at the start. I can’t get through Kaori’s Engrish, but it’s not like the original song has very clear lyrics. Kaori’s voice isn’t so small and with the magical girl makeover of the song, it’s actually cute. Now I shall think of something shiny and pink when I remember Blitzkrieg Bop :P.

Track 10. Search and Destroy (Kadowaki Mai)

originally by: Iggy and the Stooges

nikki says: The melody, tempo and guitars are retained, but the voice is still a little small. It’s being drowned by the guitars. Mai’s schoolgirl voice makes me think of an elementary school band covering Iggy and the Stooges XDD;. Mai also needs to work on her English, especially when she says “derestoy” instead of “destroy” :D.

Track 11. Ruby Soho (Tanaka Rie)

originally by: Rancid

nikki says: Rie thankfully used her wonderfully sexy voice here again so she really sounds like a rock singer (a little). The lyrics are clear,too. I think I’m being biased towards the Tanaka Rie songs, but she really sang her parts the best.

Track 12. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Goto Yuko)

originally by: Nirvana (is Nirvana a punk band?)

nikki says: My favorite Nirvana song became a pop ballad. A sleepy shoujoey ballad. Yuko’s voice is sleepy, small and trance-like. I didn’t like this rendition and somehow, I think it was worse than Sex and Violence :(.

The CD seems merely for fanservice or crack, especially since the website introducing the album noted that the album was made to appeal to foreign otaku and seiyuu fans. All in all, while it may seem that the album is a bad idea there were really some songs that surprisingly came out uncracky and decent. Not all of the songs sung in small loli voices were bad. In fact, they grow on you as you listen to them over and over. That is, if you can take listening to very small voices depicting catgirls and school girls over and over and over.

As for someone who doesn’t prefer loli or catgirls, etc. I’m very particular of my few favorites, and had cringed at two or more of the songs. But since I have favorites that I can listen to over and over, I can’t say that the album is merely fail!crack in its entirety.

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