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Slim Naru SUPER DIET CD — Where Seiyuu Helps You Lose Weight

I’ve mentioned in my Pankore CD review other odd talk/seiyuu CDs that Japan comes up with. One of these is the SUPER DIET CD produced by Honeybee, the same company that brought us Hitsuji de Oyasumi Series, also known as the sheep-counting CDs.

Slim Naru is a talk CD featuring the voices of Miyano Mamoru and Nakamura Yuuichi. This is, basically, a CD that will help girls who are trying to lose weight or are in the middle of dieting. It doesn’t only encourage the listener (YOU) to lose weight to ‘look better’ using the deeply seductive (and tsundere) voices of Mamo-chan and Nakamura, it also helps the listener with daily exercises with both seiyuu counting your stretches, push-ups and sit-ups for you.

In this CD, Miyano and Nakamura are both responsible persons who are concerned with your health. Mamo-chan is the gentle, kind guy who wants to help you become pretty while Nakamura is the tsundere guy who is a little snobbish but is willing to help you because he feels happy when you try your best (FIGHT-O!). In order to fully explain the wonderful dynamics of this CD as well as to help listeners utilize the CD as intended, I have to enumerate the tracks and what activity should be done in each.

((Note: the rest of the post will use Miyano’s and Nakamura’s names instead of the names in the drama. Also, my comments may be a little sarcastic, but what’s written there is really a sum of what’s said in the CD :). ))

01. スリムナールを服用する前に (Introduction)
– Miyano asks you what is wrong. He then concludes that you must be sad because you’ve just started dieting yet you’re having difficulties and don’t want to continue. Nakamura goes, “Hah? How can you give up when you’ve barely started and maybe it’s impossible for you blah blah…” and Miyano tells him that you just need some motivation to continue. Oh, yes, why don’t they help you get motivated? Nakamura doesn’t seem too eager to help, but he’s willing as long as you do your best, don’t worry. :) And then Miyano does his giggly laugh, don’t spazz now!

02. 運動前に準備しよう (Preparation before exercise)
– Nakamura and Miyano instructs you on proper dress code for exercising. Your clothes should be something non-frilly because it’s dangerous lest you slip or get caught on something. Your clothes should be something you can move freely in, too. Miyano said you shouldn’t wear mini skirts or negligee because when you move while wearing those, it’ll make his heart go ‘dokidoki’. Nakamura tells him he’s doing sexual harassment and Miyano apologizes. Anyway, Miyano reminds you to wipe your sweat with a towel and drink water when you feel thirsty. And…start! But wait, Nakamura says you should exert force so suddenly. You need to warm up first. And if you feel any pain, you need to go to the doctor because they can’t treat you (they aren’t doctors ;_;). They argue a little about who is going to instruct you, but that’s alright, they decide to take turns.  Wait, you have to promise to them first that you will take care of your body and not push yourself too much.

03. モリモリ腹筋する前に (Before doing sit-ups)
– Nakamura teaches you how to position yourself when doing push-ups as well as the do’s and don’ts while doing push-ups :): spread your legs, guard your neck, don’t lean against the chair or bed, etc.

04. モリモリ腹筋しよう (1~30回) (Doing sit-ups with zest, 1-30)
– Nakamura and Miyano count for you as you do the sit-ups! However, they warn you that if it becomes painful, you have to stop. They shout encouragements all throughout, so do your best!

05. モリモリ腹筋した後に (After the sit-ups)
– Miyano and Nakamura seem really happy that you’ve managed to do the sit-ups (although the tsundere wouldn’t admit it). They remind you not to take a bath without stretching and resting first. You have to take care of your body even though you’re dieting. Miyano says he can’t wait until you’ve become pretty. Nakamura says he didn’t really mind, but he likes seeing you do your best *voice fades and he blushes and forces you to continue XD*.

06.  バシバシ背筋する前に (Before doing back stretches)
– Before you go hiking or any strenuous activity, you need to stretch your back and legs to avoid injuries, or so Miyano says. Nakamura suggests having a friend over and helping you stretch but Miyano says that a lady who is going on a diet doesn’t want to be seen by anyone doing such things. How bothersome, Nakamura thinks, but anyway, he suggests a position for you to stretch your back without the help of anyone :). Again, your back is delicate so take it easy.

07. バシバシ背筋しよう (1~30回) (Back stretches, 1-30)
– I think this is similar to the sesuji-thingy in aikido, but I’m not really sure how this exercise is done :(.Anyway, they count for you again, but not without reminding you that you should stop if you feel pain or discomfort. They sound like they’re having more difficulty than you are having ^^;;.

08. バシバシ背筋した後に (After back stretches)
– Nakamura asks you if you feel okay. Miyano asks it’s okay to stop, but Nakamura says you can’t just give up. Just eat a little and you’ll be fine! Miyano teases Nakamura for being so shy and  tells you that you look so sparkly doing all those exercises. Anyway, if you’re feeling okay, they continue off to the next part.

09. ガツガツ腕立て伏せをする前に (Before doing push-ups)
– Please do not die at Miyano’s giggly laugh yet. You have to do push-ups after all! They remind you to use a foam and Nakamura tells you how to lie down for a push-up.

10. ガツガツ腕立て伏せをしよう (1~20回) (Burning push-ups 1-20)
– More counting, but only up to 20 this time. Nakamura reminds you not to lose your form (it is very important!). They both remind you that if you can’t do it, don’t force yourself and stop. Miyano does a check before the last 5, in case you’ve fainted (or rolled with laughter) along the way :P.

11. ガツガツ腕立て伏せをした後に (After push-ups)
– Miyano admires you for doing such strenuous exercises even though you’re a girl while Nakamura reminds you to rest and not continue if you feel tired. However, if you want to continue, they’ll cheer for you no matter what.

12. エクササイズをする前に (Before doing exercises)
– Miyano asks how your diet is going along and says that while you need lots of training, you don’t have to force yourself too much and remember to do stretches. He tells you to use your own judgment in sensing if you can do exercises or not. He is also the one in charge of teaching you some exercises, so get ready :).

13. 寝ながら脚上げエクササイズ (Raising the leg while lying down exercise)
– This is the usual exercise you see in shows, Miyano says. You lie down on your side and raise your leg repeatedly. He counts for you up to ten. Then, he tells you to switch sides and raise your other leg in turn. Giggly laugh again as he congratulates you for doing the easy exercise.

14. 脚の上げ下げエクササイズ (Raising the legs exercise)
– I don’t know how this is different, but I think you can do this exercise even while watching TV (standing up?). Miyano explains the exercise again and counts for you. It seems to be an easy exercise and encourages you to repeat it when you have the time.

15. 肘と膝のクロスエクササイズ (Elbow-knee cross exercise)
– Miyano teaches you how to do the exercise. It’s pretty simple. You raise your right knee, try to meet it with your left elbow and vice-versa.  Miyano describes the hand movement as doing a “guts pose” XD;. He counts up to ten for you.

16. エクササイズをした後に (After the exercise)
– Otsukare! You’re done again. He tells you not to give up when you fail the exercise, instead, he’ll try to assist you as much as possible (just like a prince assisting a princess~). If you do these exercises every day, you’ll be prettier before you know it, so Miyano suggests doing them again tomorrow.

17. ストレッチをする前に (Before stretching)
– The stretching part is handled by Nakamura~. He tells you the importance of stretching as well as the do’s and don’ts of it. Nakamura tells you that even though you’re tired, you need to stretch before taking a bath so you’ll feel better afterwards.

18. 背中とウエストの引き締めストレッチ (Stretching the back and waist)
– Nakamura tells you how to sit/stand while stretching. He seems a bit surprised that you are surprised that that’s the only thing you have to do, but he assures you that it’s an important part of winding down after exercising. He also tells you to move your arms and your head at certain times, so be sure to listen to his instructions.

19. お腹と脚の引き締めストレッチ (Stretching the abdomen and legs)
– Now it’s time to tighten/stretch your abdominal muscles. Nakamura scolds you a little before instructing you ^^;. He goes, “left” and “right” as you twist about XD. He feels cheered up when he sees you doing your best. He thinks you’re kind of cute but what the heck is he saying…and he quickly changes the subject to cover his embarrassment. So forget about everything that he just said, okay? XDD

20. 太ももとヒップの引き締めストレッチ (Stretching the thighs and hips)
– Nakamura asks why you are sighing. He concludes that you want to get into pants like the models use even though you’re able to wear cute clothes now. He gets a little annoyed at you and tells you that even though you can’t get into model pants, you can wear clothes you want if you keep up with his instructions. And so, he teaches you how to stretch your hips and thighs.

21. ストレッチをした後に (After stretching)
– And you’re done stretching! Nakamura tells you that you can stretch even  while watching TV or listening to music so you must do it as often as possible. You look really cute…NO, he didn’t say that of course XD! A-Anyway, he tells you not to give up and he’ll assist you every time. He also reminds you to warm-up before doing extreme things like hiking.

22. ダイエットにくじけそうな時 (When depressed about dieting)
– Nakamura and Miyano asks you why you look so down. It’s not good for your body if you keep feeling sad. Nakamura concludes that you are thinking that all these dieting and exercising is impossible. Miyano wonders if your heart feels sad because you’re tired? Maybe you just need a little rest. Nakamura agrees and thinks that you’ll be fine and dandy as long as you rest properly. They cheer you up and hope that you won’t give up because they believe in you. (Believe in them who believe in you D: ) Until you come back, they’ll be waiting.

23. 目標を達成した時 (When target weight is achieved)
– Nakamura and Miyano congratulates you for finally reaching your target weight! Miyano says you are shining and you’re the most wonderful girl in the world right now, right, Nakamura? Nakamura hesitates on his words until he finally says that it’s cool. Miyano thinks you are really cute, right Nakamura? Finally, Nakamura agrees :D. Miyano asks you if you want to have some tea and asks Nakamura along, too. Nakamura wonders why he’s always being dragged along and Miyano decides to leave him. Of course, Nakamura can’t leave just the two of you alone!

24. 目標を達成した時 (Slim Naru Closing)
– Miyano wonders if you’d done your best and Nakamura wonders if you’d thought of giving up halfway. They look forward to meeting you tomorrow again for another round of encouragement. Nakamura reminds you that even though you’re on a diet, you shouldn’t hold back when you’re hungry and at least eat something! A balanced diet is important after all. Nakamura tells you that he wouldn’t hate you when you do your best and Miyano says he loves you for doing your best, too.

nikki says:

Oh well, um… I really hate to say it but the CD didn’t help or motivate me at all. I listened to all of the tracks a few times (at the office and at home) and all I could do was giggle like a highschooler or laugh ^^;. I am so sorry for disappointing you, Mamo and Yuuichi ;;. Anyway, even though it’s not effective, it’s a really fun listen. It’s like listening to a drama cd with a self-insert (you). Anyway, most of the Honeybee CDs aren’t really effective (I can count with my fingers on a single hand how many of their sheep-counting CDs are effective).

When you manage to get a hold of this CD, please give it a listen. I’m sure you will enjoy it or who knows? It might even work on you :D.

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  1. nerfracket
    March 12, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Thank you so much for this translation! I had heard about this CD and intend to get myself a copy while I’m in Japan in a few weeks. Such crack must be supported! Do your best, boys! *dying from cute overload and hysterical laughter*

    Thank you!

  2. March 12, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    You’re welcome :D. I’m sorry if it’s not the exact translation but I’m glad it helped. I enjoyed the CD immensely, it’s a must-share XD;.

  3. spiraltic
    March 12, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    OH LORD I AM LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS!!!! thank you SO much for translating it! They’re going onto my itune lyrics for each of the tracks!!

  4. spiraltic
    March 12, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    wait…there’s a drama for this?!

  5. March 13, 2009 at 1:32 pm


    Eh? I don’t understand what you mean by a drama ^^;.

  6. October 12, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Howdy! Excellent post you have penned.I have added you to my Diggs

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