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Spring Anime 2009: Do you have enough time for watching?

Spring is promising a wonderful and long list  of anime to watch, which is a bit bad for my viewing habit, my sleep schedule and for my work. Here are, as usual, the list of anime to start this March-April-May
, their previews (if any), short info and my decision if  I should watch them or not. Sadly, I seem to like almost everything and only left out a few compared to the previous seasons ^^;.

Again, no pictures because I am super lazy. My verdicts will be YES, NO and MAYBE.

date: April 6, 2009
website: http://07-ghost.net/
trailer: youtube
intro: Teito Klein is an orphan and is one of the top students in a military academy. By some weird turn of fate, however, he finds himself the target of the Brasburg Empire itself. He has nowhere to run except to the church, which is protected by the Seven Ghosts. But who are the Ghosts and why is Teito being chased by the empire?
seiyuu spotlight: Saiga Mitsuki, Hayami Shou, Kiuchi Hidenobu, Takahashi Hiroki, Suwabe Junichi
verdict: YES. I’ve been waiting for this. Military drama! Wonderful seiyuu lineup. If I could just list them all in the seiyuu spotlight, I would :P.

date: April 2009
website: http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/asura/
trailer: none
intro: Based on a light novel of the same name, Asura Cryin’ is a school drama/adventure about Natsume Tomoharu, who is haunted by a ghostly girl who was actually a childhood friend.
seiyuu spotlight: Irino Miyu, Shimono Hiro, Nakai Kazuya, Morikubo Shoutarou, Tanaka Rie
verdict: NO. I’m not really interested in the story.

sequel to: Bakugan Battle Brawlers season 1
date: spring 2009
website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/bakugan/
trailer: none
intro: More card-fighting, monster summoning from Battle Brothers Dan.
seiyuu spotlight: Suzuki Chihiro, Fujiwara Keiji
verdict: NO. Card-game series aren’t really my thing.

date: April 2009
website: http://basquash.com/
trailer: youtube
intro: Basquash! is a sport, mainly basketball, anime where instead of people, mecha are used to play the sport.
seiyuu spotlight: Shomono Hiro, Itou Shizuka, Nakamura Yuuichi, Tsuda Kenjirou, Kugimiya Rie
verdict: MAYBE. The trailer looks interesting and the mecha moving about playing basketball and breakdancing look cool, but the concept doesn’t appeal to me. I like my sports series with the people themselves playing, but I can’t speak too soon.

date: April 2009
website: http://www.geneon-ent.co.jp/rondorobe/anime/chi/
trailer: none
intro: Another season of cute antics of Chii.
seiyuu spotlight: Koorogi Satomi, Hidaka Noriko, Kiuchi Hidenobu
verdict: NO. I have to finish the first season first, orz.

date: April 2009
website: none
trailer: none
intro: Another baseball anime. Koh, whose family owns a sporting goods store, becomes close to the daughters of the owner of a batting center. Since he spends a lot of time in the center, he becomes a good hitter despite the fact that he knows nothing about baseball. Four years later, after not playing for a long time, Koh is back into baseball, trying to unleash the hidden talent in him.
seiyuu spotlight: no cast yet
verdict: NO. I’ve had enough of baseball anime (Major, Ookiku Furikabutte) and I think those two have better storylines than this one. The art is so-so, too. I’m wondering though, why was the main character holding a bowling ball in most pictures I see?

date: May 2009
website: none
trailer: none
intro: A policewoman named Juuden-chan comes from a parallel world to the current world to “charge up” dejected people.
seiyuu spotlight: Fukuhara Kaori, Kawasumi Ayako, Takahashi Hiroki
verdict: NO. Blurry premise and probably a fanservice anime.

sequel to: Full Metal Alchemist
date: April 5, 2009
website: http://www.hagaren.jp/
trailer: youtube
intro: Not a direct continuation of the anime series, but is said to follow more of the manga storyline, FMA2 is still centered on state alchemist Edward Elric, his brother Alphonse and their adventures.
seiyuu spotlight: Paku Romi, Kugimiya Rie
verdict: YES. I’ve been rewatching the first  series in preparation for this! There are still no news if the rest of the cast are returning, but I hope they will. They better not replace Ohkawa Tooru as Mustang.

date: April 4, 2009
website: http://mechamote.tv/
trailer: none
intro: Kitagami Mimi’s dream is to be the best and coolest student council president her high school has ever known. However, three boys are standing in the way of her dream — one of them actually her crush.
seiyuu spotlight: no cast yet
verdict: MAYBE. I’m sorry, but I’m really curious about this. I guess it had also been my childhood dream to be the best student council president. Somehow, I empathize with roles like Mimi’s and Yukino’s (Kare Kano) XD;. I’ll have to watch the first episode to see if I’ll be hooked into it.

date: April 5, 2009
website: http://www.guinsaga.net/
trailer: http://www.guinsaga.net/special/movie.html
intro: Based on the book by Kurimoto Kaoru, Guin Saga is about a heroic man named Guin, who seeks adventures and travels around while wearing a leopard mask.
seiyuu spotlight: Horiuchi Kenyuu, Yonaga Tsubasa
verdict: YES. I’m a bit miffed by the leopard mask, but I’m willing to try anything in the heroic fantasy department. The book has sold more than 26 million copies, maybe the anime will live up to its prowess.

date: April 05, 2009
website: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/anime/hana/
trailer: none
intro: From the manga of the same name, this story boasts of a mixture of love, politics and mystery set on a middle east country. A daughter of an industrialist is told to choose her husband from the three candidates her father had chosen for her. But why is there a fourth guy?
seiyuu spotlight: Endou Aya, Fukuyama Jun, Ono Daisuke, Namikawa Daisuke, Morikawa Toshiyuki
verdict: MAYBE. A reverse harem series with both new and cliche themes piques my interest but I’m worried that despite the interesting premise, it might be just another normal, bland shoujo.

date: April 11, 2009
website: http://www.j-hatsukoi.com/
trailer: youtube
intro: A junior high student named Ayumi receives a love letter from Misao, an intimidating high school guy.
seiyuu spotlight: Ise Mariya, Sakurai Takahiro, Shizuka Itou, Tanaka Rie, Shiraishi Ryouko
verdict: NO. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I think I will be bored.

sequel to: Hayate no Gotoku
date: April 2009
website: http://hayatenogotoku.com/
trailer: none
intro: More butlerrific crack, more robot-wrestling, brain-breakage and anime parodies. Who wouldn’t want that?
seiyuu spotlight: Kugimiya Rie, Shiraishi Ryoko
verdict: YES. After I finish the first series :x.

date: April 9, 2009
website: http://www.juiz.jp/
trailer: none
intro: 2010. Ten missiles strike Japan, but left no casualties and was forgotten after some time. Three months later, Saki Morimi who happens to be by the White House in US gets into unforeseen trouble and is saved by another Japanese, a person who seemed to have lost his memory and was wearing and carrying nothing save from a gun and a mobile phone.
seiyuu spotlight: no cast yet
verdict: MAYBE. It honestly sounds promising and intriguing. I’m not much of a fan of post-war, political series, though, so we’ll see.

date: April 2009
website: http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/k-on/
trailer: youtube
intro: In their desire to save their school’s music club, Yui and her friends decide to pitch in with their own music. The only problem is that they do not know how to play instruments or even read music sheets.
seiyuu spotlight: none. I don’t know the seiyuu enough to comment on them.
verdict: MAYBE. I love the concept, the art and the possibility of hearing lots of music, but I’m worried that this might turn into another pointless school comedy thing. I haven’t read the original work so I don’t have much to judge it with.

KONNICHI WA ANNE ~ Before Green Gables
prequel to: Anne of Green Gables
date: April 05, 2009
website: http://www.nippon-animation.co.jp/before_GG/
trailer: youtube
intro: This is a prequel to Akage no Anne (Anne of Green Gables) with Anne as a little girl in the countryside.
seiyuu spotlight: Kobayashi Yumiko, sadly, I don’t know the others.
verdict: NO. I love Anne of Green Gables, both the book and the anime. However I’m not that excited with the prologue, since my darling Gilbert wouldn’t be there and it’d be just about a bunch of very little kids (not that I don’t watch cute stuff like that).

date: March 31, 2009
website: none
trailer: none
intro: This is a series of short episodes meant to explain science concepts of junior high and high school students. Gothic Loli Marika and scientists Galileo are the two main characters who will go through concepts with humor and music.
seiyuu spotlight: none
verdict: YES. This will definitely be interesting. As a biology major and science magazine writer, I’m interested in getting ideas on how to explain science concepts in non-complicated ways.

date: April 5, 2009
website: http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/natsunoarashi/
trailer: none
intro: A sci-fi romance series based on a manga, this story is about Yasaka Hajime who meets a sempai, Arashiyama Sayoko, in a local coffee shop. Arashi, as Sayoko is called, has a secret, and Hajime will learn about it one summer vacation.
seiyuu spotlight: Sanpei Yuki, Shiraishi Ryoko, Horie Yui
verdict: MAYBE. I’m interested as to how sci-fi it will be, but the premise makes the series sound boring.

QUEEN’S BLADE – Rurou no Senshi –
date: April 2, 2009
website: http://queensblade.tv/
trailer: youtube
intro: A competition that will decide the next Queen is about to begin. According to tradition, the contestants need to be 12 years and above,  all races and nationalities accepted. They can use any weapons and can murder their opponents. The strongest contestant who will live through the tournament will be the next queen.
seiyuu spotlight: Hirano Aya, Kugimiya Rie, Tanaka Rie, Kaida Yuki, Goto Yuko
verdict: NO. I like the concept and the art looks good. But there’s too much boobs for me in it. Also, Kaida Yuki, who is one of my favorite seiyuu, is going to be Echidna, the warrior with a snake for a bikini. Somehow, it’s too much for me :(.

date: April 2009
website: http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/ph/
trailer: youtube
intro: Based on the manga of the same name, Pandora Hearts is about Oz Bezarius, heir to a duke house. In his coming-of-age ceremony, he’s thrown into prison, the “Abyss”. He is saved by Alice, a bloodstained rabbit who is a “chain”. From then on is his quest to know who Alice is, why he was thrown into the “Abyss” and what is the organization called “Pandora”, who keeps chasing him.
seiyuu spotlight: Minagawa Junko, Toriumi Kousuke, Kawasumi Ayako, Ishida Akira, Fukuyama Jun
verdict: YES. I remember reading some parts of the manga during my free time and liking it. The trailer looks awesome and the seiyuu cast…I can’t wait to hear MinaJun in a leading role again.

PHANTOM -Requiem for the Phantom-
date: April 02, 2009
website: http://www.phantom-r.jp/
trailer: youtube
intro: “Phantom” is the best assassin of an organization called Inferno. A tourist is unfortunate enough to witness one of Phantom’s crimes and even exposed Phantom’s true identity. Even though witnesses were supposed to be killed, the witness is dragged to Inferno and is brainwashed to become Zwei, another assassin.
seiyuu spotlight: Takagi Ayahi (Feldt Grace in Gundam 00), Irino Miyu (Syaoran in Tsubasa)
verdict: MAYBE. The mafia and crime setting is really irresistible, but the premise looks depressing to me. The trailer also gives me goosebumps and I’m almost afraid to watch it :P.

RAINBOW – Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
date: spring 2009
website: none
trailer: none
intro: Based on the award-winning manga, Rainbow is set in the 1950’s and is mainly about six junior high delinquents and their teacher in the reform school. The series covers the lives of the boys as they lived in the reform school and after they leave.
seiyuu spotlight: no cast yet
verdict: NO. While I’m interested because it’s based on a manga that sold over 30 million copies and that also won awards, the story doesn’t really interest me.

date: April 8, 2009
website: http://www.rispara.tv/
trailer: none
intro: Set in Rome, this series is about Nicoletta who has been left in her grandparents’ care when her parents divorced. Somehow, she ends up being an apprentice in a restaurant owned by her mother’s new husband.
seiyuu spotlight: Orikasa Fumiko, Nomura Kenji, etc.
verdict: YES. A series about food. While it may not be Antique Bakery-like, I still like the ring of a series about an Italian restaurant <3. I hope I don’t get hungry (and I hope this is not too angsty).

date: spring 2009
website: none
trailer: none
intro: According to AFP, this series is about a boy who tries to win a motorbike race using a unicycle robot.
seiyuu spotlight: none
verdict: NO. No information whatsoever, not even a preview :(. It’s a bit disheartening. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see the trailer/preview pictures.

date: April 5, 2009
website: http://www.saki-anime.com/
trailer: youtube
intro: Based on the manga of the same name, Saki is centered on Miyanaga Saki, a girl who never enjoyed mahjong until she was dragged into a high school mahjong club and into the tournaments.
seiyuu spotlight: Koshimizu Ami, Fukuyama Jun, Kugimiya Rie, Shiraishi Ryouko
verdict: MAYBE. I love series about board games (Hikaru no Go, Shion no Ou), and I might love this, too. I’m just worried because the seiyuu lineup seems to be the generic in harem anime ^^;. The preview looks okay, though and I have to learn mahjong, so I will still give it a try.

date: April 2009
website: http://www.sengokubasara.tv/
trailer: youtube
intro: Taking place during the Sengoku Period when Japan was in the middle of an internal war between states, two warlords, Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune fight for power and land.
seiyuu spotlight: Nakai Kazuya, Wakamoto Norio, Hoshi Souichirou, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Koyasu Takehito, Paku Romi
verdict: MAYBE. Neither the game nor the manga appealed to me before although I’ve been really interested with historical series. Seeing the trailer makes me want to try again and see if I like it this time. The amazing seiyuu cast is also encouraging.

SENJOU NO VALKYRIA – Gallian Chronicles –
date: April 2009
website: http://www.valkyria-anime.com/
trailer: none
intro: Gallia, a neutral country that has a large supply of ragnite ore (used for fuel), is attacked by the East Europe Imperial forces. Welkin Gunther  and his step sister Isara had to fight for their lives with the help of Town Watch captain Alicia Melchiott in order to escape from the attack of the imperial forces in their town. After their escape to the capital, they joined the military forces to help drive the invading forces away as well as  to discover the secret behind the invasion of their country.
seiyuu spotlight: Inoue Marina, Chiba Susumu, Kuwashima Houko, Fukuyama Jun, Sakurai Takahiro
verdict: YES. I’ve heard good things about the game and I’m quite excited that it’s being turned into an anime. The character designs are okay, the concept is amazing and the seiyuu cast is powerful. Now, let’s just hope the storyline progresses into something that wouldn’t be cliche or boring.

date: April 2009
website: http://www.anime-shangri-la.jp/
trailer: none
intro: A sci-fi novel by Ikegami Eiichi, Shangri-La is centered on Tokyo, which is suffering from global warming. In attempts to lower the city’s temperature, it is slowly being reforested and turned into the world’s largest forest city. However, the city is undergoing complications with the influx of refugees and guerillas are trying to stop the reforestation of the city.
seiyuu spotlight: no cast announced yet.
verdict: YES. Environmental issues, science fiction and wonderful lineart. I haven’t read the novel and I’ve only seen previews of the art but those are enough to make me curious about this series.

sequel to: Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica
date: April 2009
website: http://www.polyphonica.tv/
trailer: none
intro: Tatara Phoron is a Dantist, a music player and Spirits communicator, who is in contact with a spirit named Corticarte.
seiyuu spotlight: Kamiya Hiroshi, Mizuki Nana
verdict: NO. More harem.

TAYUTAMA – Kiss on My Deity –

date: April 5, 2009
website: http://www.tayutama.com/blog/
trailer: youtube
intro: Based on an adult computer game, Tayutama is centered on Mitou Yuuri, the only son of the caretaker of the Yachimata shrine. One day, he discovers a relic on the school grounds and soon after, a girl named Mashiro appears in school and her connection to the relic and the legend of Tayutayu-sama, deity of the Yachimata shrine, is slowly revealed.
seiyuu spotlight: Shimoda Asami, Itou Shizuka
verdict: NO. More harem.

date: April 5, 2009
website: http://tearstotiara.jp/
trailer: youtube
intro: Based on the tactical eroge of the same name, Tears to Tiara is about Rhiannon, a girl who released a demon king Arawn from his 1,000 years of sleep.
seiyuu spotlight: Ohkawa Tooru, Goto Yuko, Tanaka Rie, Shimizu Ai
verdict: NO.

– New Beyblade TV
– Sugar Bunnies
– Mainichi Kaa-san
– Jewel Pets
– Dragon Ball Z remastered




date: May 1, 2009
website: http://dash.shueisha.co.jp/topics/denpadvd.html
trailer: youtube
intro: Juuzaya Juu, a high school delinquent, suddenly finds himself being followed by Ochibana Ami, a strange girl that somehow affects her environment with electromagnetic waves, who vows complete loyalty to him.
seiyuu spotlight: Hirohashi Ryou, Hosoya Yoshimasa
verdict: YES. The seemingly dysfunctional relationship between Ami and Juu interests me, and there’s probably more to it, given the rather dramatic background music in the preview.

DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
date: May 19, 2009 (shipped with DOGS: Bullets and Carnage vol. 4)
website: none
trailer: none
intro: Based on the manga with the same name, this series is set in a futuristic European city where a group composed of an albino gunman, a mercenary, a former assassin and a katana-weilding orphan roam the streets to do their trades.
seiyuu spotlight: Sakurai Takahiro, Ishida Akira, Toshihiko Seki, Yusa Kouji, Itou Shizuka, etc.
verdict: YES. I’m interested in this one, even though I barely read the manga. It seems that the seiyuu cast from the drama CD will be retained. The stories in the first DVD will be about Mihai and Badou.

KINIRO NO CORDA ~secondo passo~ (TV Special)
sequel to: Kiniro no Corda ~primo passo~
date: March 26, 2009
website: http://www.corda-primopasso.com/
trailer: none
intro: Hino Kahoko continues to stay in Seisou Gakuen, honing her violin skills and strengthening her friendship with the boys and meeting a new character along the way.
seiyuu spotlight: Satou Akemi, Kishio Daisuke, Miyano Mamoru, Fukuyama Jun, Itou Kentarou, Taniyama Kishou
verdict: YES. More boys, more music and a rather decent storyline even if you ignore the guys. La Corda is one of my preferred reverse harem anime.

sequel to: Koihime†Musou (TV)
date: April 1, 2009
website: http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/koihime/goods/ova.html
trailer: youtube
intro: Kanu is a notorious bounty hunter who vowed not to let bandits have their way. In her journey she meets people who follow the same cause as hers.
seiyuu spotlight: Kurokawa Nami, hitomi, Motoi Emi
verdict: NO. I didn’t watch the series so no-go for this, too.

TO HEART2 adplus
sequel to: ToHeart ad
date: April 24, 2009
website: http://aquaplus.jp/th2adplus/
trailer: youtube
intro: Another collection of episodes involving the the girls of To Heart 2 in different situations.
seiyuu spotlight: Fukuyama Jun, Nakajima Saki, Itou Shizuka
verdict: NO.

TO LOVE-RU -Trouble-
sequel to: TO LOVE-RU (TV)
date: April 3, 2009
website: http://www.j-toloveru.com/index.html
trailer: youtube
intro: More husband-chasing and fanservice.
seiyuu spotlight: Kawasumi Ayako, Tomatsu Haruka, Namikawa Daisuke, Yoshino Hiroyuki
verdict: NO.

sequel to: Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations
date: March 15, 2009 – May 15, 2009
website: http://kc.kodansha.co.jp/tsubaholi/
trailer: youtube
intro: A sequel to Tsubasa Chronicle  and Tokyo Revelations,
seiyuu spotlight: Namikawa Daisuke, Irino Miyu, Makino Yui, Inada Tetsu
verdict: YES. But I have to watch Tokyo Revelations first. This is probably the most confusing CLAMP series I’ve ever read/watched. I need some time to review everything that happened before watching this :P.


date: April 24, 2009
website: http://www.takeshobo.co.jp/sp/yuru/
trailer: none
intro: Yurume is a ronin who moved outside Tokyo to study for the college entrance exams. She ends up living in an apartment complex with veteran ronins who have been out of school for years.
seiyuu spotlight: Momoi Halco
verdict: NO.

Other OVA/Specials:
– Lupin III vs. Detective Conan special
– Spice & Wolf II Act 0
– Hayate no Gotoku OVA
– COBRA Time Drive

I guess we’ll be having a wonderful spring in terms of new series to watch. I’ve quite a bit in my watch list, so I’ll probably trim it down later after I’ve watched the first episodes. What will you be watching? :)

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