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[BL CD] Sentimental Garden Lover




Author: Ogura Muku
Company: Momo and Grapes Company
Release Date: September 26, 2008
Catalog Number: BCJA-0098
Original Price: 3 000 yen
Listening difficulty: 1/5
H-factor: 0/10

Seiyuu Cast:
Kondou Takashi x Kamiya Hiroshi
Nakamura Yuichi x Kishio Daisuke

Fuji – Kondou Takashi
Hiro – Kamiya Hiroshi
Shima – Kishio Daisuke
Taki – Nakamura Yuichi
Shima (human) – Tachibana Shinnosuke

Whether you’re a human or a cat, I like you.


Fuji is a cat who is helplessly in love with Hiro. Everyday, he’d come and play with Hiro, openly showing how much he likes the young man.

One day, a new cat comes to Hiro’s house. Hiro told Fuji that his name is Shima. Fuji immediately loathes the new cat, jealous of the affection Hiro gives to him. In the end, with a little prodding from Hiro, Fuji and Shima become good friends.

After a while, Fuji learns of Hiro’s lover, who is a bit abusive and violent. In his desire to help Hiro, Fuji asks God to make him able to protect and defend Hiro. His prayer is answered. One night, Fuji ends up naked and asleep in Hiro’s backyard, where he is seen by none other than the object of his affections.

Instead of being driven away, Hiro invites human!Fuji in, feeds him and gives him clothes. Fuji tries to hide his true form from Hiro. He also finds out that he only turns to a human at night and returns to a cat at the break of dawn.

One day, Hiro’s lover comes and starts to physically abuse Hiro again. This time, human!Fuji comes to the rescue and scares the bag guy off. Hiro thanks Fuji for saving him and admits that he knows that human!Fuji and cat!Fuji are one and the same.

And they lived happily ever after.

In the other story, Shima decides to leave Hiro to Fuji once and for all. He goes on a journey, aimlessly wandering until he is weak with hunger. He is promptly rescued and taken to the house of a young man, who provided Shima with food and bath. Shima thankfully indulges and decides to leave the next day.

Next day comes and Shima is to leave when he meets the young man’s “lover”. This lover tells Shima that he has gotten married but he still can’t take the young man (named Taki) off his mind. He still loves Taki the most and keeps returning to Taki’s place.

Taki and his former lover meet and argue about their relationship. Taki tells his ex to stop coming back and just get over everything. It is then that Shima finds out that Taki’s former lover is also named “Shima”.

Taki seems to be depressed about the encounter and cat!Shima wants to comfort the man who saved him. Dying to help Takki, cat!Shima prays to God to give him the ability to talk so he could explain to Taki his feelings. And his wish is granted.

When Taki wakes up the next morning, he finds a naked human Shima sleeping next to him. After much ado and panicking, Shima manages to explain what happened. They live together peacefully, although Shima still wonders if Taki still has lingering feelings for human!Shima. He is so worried that he misinterprets Taki’s affections. He thinks Taki is just using him as a replacement for the old Shima.

He runs away, with Taki at his heels, explaining his own feelings for the cat-now-human!Shima. Shima accepts Taki’s confession and comes back.

And they lived happily ever after.

Nikki says:

I got this drama primarily because I’m a Kamiya Hiroshi h0r and that I’m curious as to how Kondou Takashi can pull off a kitty. I only know him from Moonlit Garden series and from the Katekyou Hitman Reborn anime, so I don’t know how he performs in other things. Right now, I do not regret listening to this drama, though :).

The story is very surreal, almost like a fable. It’s a combination of typical daily-life events and supernatural things, making it a fun listen. The story is light-hearted and soft. There are no heavy drama or action and the humor is strategically given in bits in between fluff. I guess it also teaches us a lesson that if we pray hard and is adamant to do anything to get it, we’ll get it? :D

It’s very rare for Kamiyan to have a high school boy role, since most of the time, he’s either a heartless bitch (Tieria?), a beautiful innocent victim, or a timid salaryman/host.  I appreciate his soft, young tones in this drama. Kondou, on the other hand, is very un-Hibari :D. His meowing is so cute, I must admit, plus the childlike tone and nature of his kitty is more than adorable! Kishio also portrays a good kitty cat, a more subdued and serious one. Nakamura, well, I love him in any role, this one is not an exception. :D

This is a very easy listen since you can grasp the story based on the simple cat dialogues :P. Also, the drama is short, so no ear stress for you~. There is no H scene, but I think it’s okay since the target of this drama is more towards fluff and cuteness.

Recommended to:
– people who likes fluff
– people new to BL fandom
– people who can understand simple Japanese
– people who loves cats XD;

Not recommended to:
– people who prefers angst and heavy stuff
– people who cannot stand meowing

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