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[BL CD] Seikanji-ke 4: Tsumi no Shitone mo Nureru Yoru

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SEIKANJI-KE 4: Tsumi no Shitone mo Nureru Yoru

Author: Izumi Katsura
Illustrator: Yamimaru Enjun
Company: Movic – LYNX CD Collection
Release Date: July 25, 2008
Catalog Number: MACY-2606
Original Price: 8 190 yen
Listening difficulty: 3/5
H-factor: 10/10

Seiyuu Cast:

Main Pairing: Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi
Seikanji Fuyuki – Kamiya Hiroshi
Fushimi Yoshiyasu – Yusa Kouji
Seikanji Kazutaka – Nojima Kenji
Seikanji Takahisa – Miki Shinichirou
Sagano Kyougyou* – Akimoto Yousuke
Shibasaki Keishin* – Hanazawa Eiji
Fushimi Hiroyasu – Nojima Hirofumi
Sagano Rinzu* – Masuda Yuki
child!Yoshiyasu – Saiga Mitsuki
child!Fuyuki – Kasuya Yuuta
* unsure of the names because I wasn’t listening enough ^^; and the kanji has multiple name equivalents.

“Since that day, I’ve been waiting for you.”


When Yoshiyasu was young, he met a little girl in a neighboring house. He told her his name, but she said she doesn’t have any name. She was cold, and Yoshiyasu warmed her hands for her. After being accidentally hugged, she told Yoshiyasu that she will wait for him to come back after seven years.

Seven years after…

Yoshiyasu meets up with some friends and relatives and enters a gamble. The loser will have to secretly enter the Seikanji house, which is rumored to be the abode of a beautiful daughter of the family. Yoshiyasu remembers the promise he had made with a little girl seven years ago and as he lost the gamble, enters the Seikanji grounds.

Upon seeing the girl, now a young woman, inside the house, Yoshiyasu couldn’t help the pent up desire inside him and ravished her. In the process, he finds out that the young woman is actually a young man named Fuyuki. Despite the discovery, Yoshiyasu doesn’t lose his passion for the young man and slept with him.

Fuyuki is devoid of any knowledge of emotions: love, hate, affection. He has been confined in the house ever since and has not learned of human feelings. He is abducted once by a man and when Yoshiyasu asks him why he did not retaliate, he could not give an explanation.The only thing he was holding on to was the memory that Yoshiyasu will see him after seven years. Yoshiyasu, deeply in love and obsessed, embraces Fuyuki.

One day, Yoshiyasu is on the way to Fuyuki’s room when he overhears a conversation between Takahisa (Fuyuki’s father) and Fuyuki. Yoshihisa is commenting about how they could get whoever spouse they want because of Fuyuki’s beauty. He will be married to someone who will give their family advantage. What surprised Yoshiyasu is that Fuyuki seems nonchalant about the whole thing and even discusses the details with his father. When he is confronted by Yoshiyasu, Fuyuki answers that he cannot help it since he is alive because of that detiny.

Longing to protect Fuyuki as well as to keep him for himself, Yoshiyasu convinced Fuyuki to run away with him. He decides to teach Yoshiyasu everything about love-making and how to fall in love. HE also teaches him that he is the only one allowed to love Fuyuki and that Fuyuki must promise to love only him and no one else. He tells Fuyuki that he will only feel good only if he sleeps with Yoshiyasu.

Their life together is short-lived however, since Takahisa comes to Yoshiyasu’s house himself to fetch Fuyuki. Takahisa tells Yoshiyasu that Fuyuki is so bothersome and has no more value because he has been stained. Yoshiyasu begs to disagree but Takahisa says that Fuyuki doesn’t mind being taken by anyone and proceeds to prove it by exposing Fuyuki to a couple of unnamed men in front of Yoshiyasu’s eyes. The horrors do not end there. Afterwards, while Yoshiyasu is helping Fuyuki wash, Fuyuki confesses that he did not dislike what has been done to him, even if it’s not Yoshiyasu who did him.
Yoshiyasu tells him that he loves him very much, but Fuyuki seems to not take it seriously.

With that
, Yoshiyasu decides to leave Fuyuki and not meet with him for a long time. He keeps himself busy with his studies. He learns that his brother is visiting Fuyuki regularly and he is angered. He swears that he cannot let his brother take Fuyuki, if that is the least he can do. But he learns that his brother is merely tutoring Fuyuki and nothing else.

After some time (disc 2), Yoshiyasu hears that Fuyuki’s father is on his deathbed. He goes to visit Takahisa before he dies. He tells Takahisa that he will marry Fuyuki. He will make Fuyuki bear a child with someone outside the clan so that their lineage will not be broken. Takahisa merely laughs and tells him that he doesn’t know what is behind Fuyuki’s beautiful face.

As he promised to Takahisa, Yoshiyasu works to make Fuyuki carry an heir. He teaches her how to sleep with a woman (very difficult scene for me D:).  But still, Yoshiyasu stresses the fact that Fuyuki belongs to him and no one else has the right to take him away. (I find it very cute that when they slept, Fuyuki still prefers to sleep beside Yoshiyasu~.)

Some time passed and Yoshiyasu is seeing Fuyuki for the first time in a long time. Fuyuki has drastically changed. He now has a woman (wife?) and children (2?). But he has become a very promiscuous person, sleeping around with anyone he wants to. The moment he sees Yoshiyasu, he jumps him and confesses that he has been waiting for a long time to “taste” him again.

Yoshiyasu is scared. He doesn’t know if it is his fault that Fuyuki was changed. He doesn’t want to love Fuyuki deeply, for fear of being hurt but he also doesn’t want to leave Fuyuki. He cannot help but feel jealous whenever Fuyuki makes a new friend or a new love (Fuyuki meets a guy named Shibasaki and befriends him, even though they don’t sleep with each other.). Fuyuki also tells him that he doesn’t need Yoshiyasu’s love and he is only after his body. In the end, he makes a decision to go abroad to forget about Fuyuki. After all, Fuyuki still has no idea of real love and affection.

After two years, Yoshiyasu returns from England and finds Fuyuki in the same state. Yoshiyasu avoids him. He then receives a call that reports that Fuyuki has been missing and has not gone back home. Worried, Yoshiyasu looks for him. He ends up in his old teacher’s house and finds Fuyuki there, improperly dressed and looking dazed and forlorn (There’s a long discussion about Sensei wanting Yoshiyasu to forget about Fuyuki, etc…). Yoshiyasu carries him back to his home. It is the last time he has deliberately looked out for Fuyuki.

A few days later, Yoshiyasu is surprised when Fuyuki appears at his doorstep. Fuyuki demands a reason for Yoshiyasu avoiding him and Yoshiyasu says he made a promise with someone. Fuyuki doesn’t give a damn what happens, if it was his father Yoshiyasu promised to, he’s now dead and it doesn’t matter. Yoshiyasu drives him away, saying that he doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Fuyuki tells Yoshiyasu that he always breaks his promises. He confesses that everything that happened before happened because Fuyuki thought Yoshiyasu wanted them to happen. Yoshiyasu, in the course of trying to bring the best to Fuyuki even to the point of driving him away, has pushed Fuyuki to do many things and he doesn’t verbally fight against anything Fuyuki has done. Fuyuki gave up his virginity to him, he slept with a woman and made her bear children, he slept with the men Yoshiyasu accused him and pushed him to sleep with. All this time Fuyuki thought that it was alright to do those things, having been living in confinement for years. He doesn’t understand Yoshiyasu and his sentiments at all. And when Yoshiyasu stopped coming for him, he was lonely and cold, because all the while, he thought that he was doing all those things for that person he waited for for years.

Yoshiyasu explained that he made Fuyuki do all those things because he loves Fuyuki and Fuyuki retorted that if that is the case, then he doesn’t want love at anymore. Fuyuki asks Yoshiyasu if he even knows how Fuyuki feels.

“You were warm back then. And all this time, I have been waiting for you to come to me […] and when you did not come, I was cold and alone […] You are the only one I have ever yearned for. I want you.” ~ Fuyuki

Yoshiyasu finally understands. Everything is a great misunderstanding because the two of them cannot read each other’s emotions. Yoshiyasu, because he loves Fuyuki, wishes the best for him and his lineage by making him bear children with an outsider, leaving him to do whatever he wants and eventually leaving him and hoping for the best. He was scared of Fuyuki and the pain he can inflict.

Fuyuki tells Yoshiyasu that he is the only one. He doesn’t tell Yoshiyasu anytime in the drama “I love you” directly, but by the end, it’s apparent that they had finally got clear messages of their feelings for each other.

Nikki says:

This is a dramatic BL story that uses merely scenes and casual conversations to bring out the angsty parts. There is not much crying at all (escept in the last disc). Still, you can feel the coldness of some characters as well as the intensity of the obsession and passion in every short scene there is. The story is engaging because it’s not the usual love affair. There are only a few external pressures which means the problem lies on either or both members of the pair. The side characters are not villains at all (except for Fuyuki’s dad). Instead, they support either character to bring out their real personalities and emotions.

The medieval setting of the story might be a bit of a turn-off for some people, especially since their language usage is more profound than the usual salaryman stories. There were some long conversations that might bore the listener. It’s a good thing that there is a fast pace of changing scenes so the story is not dragging.

The characters, come to think of it, are all bastards, aren’t they ^^? They only think of their own pleasures and advantages and never take the time to understand the people around them. It is mainly the cause of the strife in this story. Most of the conflicts are internal and it took a lot of leaving/returning before they realize what is wrong. Still, Yoshiyasu’s obsession and passion to be the protector of the person he loves the most and Fuyuki’s innocence that urged him to please the person he has been waiting for — those characteristics, even though they were almost the cause of the characters’ downfall, managed to save them both and made them realize what went wrong in their relationship.

Yusa Kouji (Yoshiyasu’s seiyuu) has always hada v. sexy voice. I love him very much. His gentle-cruel bipolar voice is fitting for the Yoshiyasu, who can be cruel just to show his love to a person. His portrayal of emotions are convincing and almost heartbreaking, especially in the parts where he confesses his feelings to Fuyuki.

Kamiya Hiroshi is, undoubtedly, one of my favorite seiyuus — no, one of my favorite uke seiyuus. As with Yusa, he also needed to have an “evil, sadistic” part and I think he did both innocent and cruel roles very well. His tearful voice at the last CD made my heart break into a thousand pieces T_T. The…bed sounds are, as always, nosebleeding to the point of death. I never thought there’d be a Kamiya drama CD that would exceed Shinayaka Netsujou in terms of H-ness XD;.

Miki Shinichirou, who was Kamiya’s partner in Shinayaka Netsujou, had the role of the evil dad now and by golly, I am scared of him x_X. The rest of the seiyuu cast are a bit unfamiliar to me save for Paku Romi but I think they did well, too, despite the minimal exposure.

As you may have noticed, the H-meter is 10/10. Because it is. There is an H-scene every other track — enough to kill you from bloodloss. The whole drama is more than 3 hours so please be prepared when listening to it (normally, I’d advice fangirls to listen to the drama and concentrate on the story without taking the H-scene too seriously but this time, it won’t work!).

This CD is a bit hard to understand for those who are just starting in the BL fandom or Japanese language. It needs a lot of patience to listen to the killer lines and survive the H-scenes.

Not recommended to:
– newbies in the BL fandom
– people who cannot understand much Japanese due to too much conversation
– people who doesn’t have patience
– people who prefers light hearted pieces

Recommended to:
– people who are used to listening to BL
– people who can understand Japanese, even a little
– people who love angst and deep pieces.

  1. nerfracket
    October 6, 2008 at 11:29 am

    Thank you so much for this detailed summary and review. I speak very little Japanese but the level of emotion within this drama just catches my heart. Your hard work is very helpful to me and I appreciate that. Thank you!

  2. clementine
    March 23, 2009 at 7:35 am

    Thanks for the summary, I agree listening to it while I’m only starting listening to BL CDs it was hard not to fall asleep sometimes… ^^’
    But I still liked it anyway, it was sad and I like sad stories.

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